1. ORTHOTICS  - orthotics are the foot shaped things you put in your shoes to help correct biomechanical problems with your feet and ankles. These problems  can affect the whole body including knees, hips and backs, even up to the head and shoulders. Whilst I can help treat the symptoms of pain and discomfort, in the long term orthotics can often provide a great aid to many people. Whenever required I will work with our podiatrist at Malcolm's pharmacy to ensure you get the best combined service. We can supply off the shelf and bespoke tailored orthotics.

Orthotics -off shelf

Off the shelf insoles (orthotics) are ready-made orthotics that offer some support to the arch of the foot and help distribute weight properly along the sole of the foot.

These inserts can usually be trimmed to fit your shoes and are desined to be used immediately. Although they are not made to your feet there are different types, some of whch may suit your specfic issue. 

Orthotics - bespoke

Bespoke insoles are custom-made to fit your foot and to alter the biomechanics of their action to reduce pain and discomfort.

To ensure these fit you precisely fitting them involves analysing how you walk and stand and taking a cast or scan of your feet. Sometimes semi bespoke orthotics can be a good middle option when we adapt special off the shelf designs.