Before becoming a chiropractor I was  originally an engineer, which helps as I lectured on the chiropractic masters degree course in biomechanics (the study of how we move and the impact of forces on our body) for 19 years and is a subject in which which I have a masters degree. 

As the the co-author of the Soft Tissue Release Handbook:  I teach and use this soft tissue, sport massage technique alongside chiropractic. And with masters degrees in Pain Management and Psychology (both with a focus on pain and headaches) I am able to provide you with relevant guidance and help with pain solutions, especially headaches which the subject of my PhD.

I am one of the few UK chiropractors who works in the NHS alongside the Musculoskeletal services team and was one of the instigators of the first Postgraduate Headache studies course at University of Edinburgh.

Having studied fitness training and sports injuries when I owned a health club means I can work with you and if needed, your personal trainers, to ensure nothing you are doing is hindering your recovery or causing discomfort.

Finally, although I enjoy learning, my aim is to bring this knowledge to the clinic to help you. As a research supervisor on the chiropractic degree I am also in the fortunate position of having to keep up to date. We can never know enough and in the health care profession things change all the time and so we must ensure our treatment is based on the best evidence.

Jim Odell Chiropractor                                PhD, MSc, MSc, MSc, MSc, BSc, BSc,  FRCC