1. For those new to our chiropractic clinic the initial consultation will take up to 60 minutes with the chiropractor. Each section of your body will be assessed to uncover the cause of your issue. Sometimes pain in one place can be the result of an issue somewhere elsewhere.
  2. During this time you will be asked important health and lifestyle questions, your posture will be assessed and a series of orthopaedic and neurological tests carried out. 
  3. The purpose of the initial consultation is to find the underlying cause of your problem and to be certain it is a problem that chiropractic can help.  If appropriate and with your consent you will be treated. If not we will help guide you down the best path for you, normally via your GP but sometimes to Podiatrist or other health care professionals. 
  4. After your treatment you will be given a full explanation of the problem and we will work together on your treatment plan and provide essential guidance on self management
  5. How many treatments you require depends on a the condition, how severe it is, how long you have had it, how you respond to treatment and how much of the treatment plan you follow.  Typically between 2 and 4 sessions over a period of between 2 and 12 weeks are required for a new condition. Some people then choose to have regular sessions on a basis that suits them.