1. HEADACHES come in different forms. The most common are tension type and migraine. Others exist such as cervicogenic (from issues in the neck or cervical spine) and at the extreme are chronic migraine and cluster headaches. Taking too many over-the-counter medications for your headaches can also make your headaches worse.
  2. WHY I RUN A HEADACHE CLINIC? People with headaches are often misdiagnosed and spend years undergoing unsuccessful treatment. My job is to help you get the right diagnosis. I have spent over 15 years working in headaches alongside GPs, specialist headache neurologists and nurses. I have two masters degrees focusing on headaches and a PhD in chronic migraine. So I think I can help with the diagnosis.
  3. WHAT HEADACHES CAN I TREAT? This is a difficult question.  Not all headaches are amenable to what I can offer but certainly tension type and cervicogenic headaches are always highly treatable but success with migraine and chronic migraine is normally only as part of a much wider  treatment programme involving a range of interventions; normally pharmaceutical but can include other options.
  4. HOW DO I HELP WITH MIGRAINES? Often people have more than one type of headache and by eliminating one it can help reduce migraine attacks or their severity. Sometimes migraines are triggered by other issues with which I can help.  One of my main roles is to help evaluate your current situation, provide a diagnosis and guide you to the best treatment options with the help of our pharmacists at Malcolm's, your GP and neurologists.