1. SPORTS each place different demands on the body and we all have different bodies. Some of you will be designed to be naturally good at a sport, others may have to work at it.  The aim of the sports clinic is to help you get through injury and to continue to enjoy your sports and also to improve by understanding how restrictions in your body may be holding you back. Below are some of the sports I deal with.


Running whether for fun or competitively brings with it stresses and strains. Some of the most common injuries are with knee, foot and ankle which can affect the rest of the body if not managed properly at the time.  I can help you treat you by examining your biomechanics to understand why you have the injuries or can't get over one.


Having worked with the European Tour and one of their best biomechanics osteopaths. I am happy to use that learning to help you identify restrictions and reasons why you may have an injury. If you have a golf pro I am happy to work with them.


I am a trained bootfitter and a skier myself with a completely wrecked knee.  So if you have an injury or concerns about going back to skiing or starting then get in touch. Snowboarders welcome as well :-)


Cycling is good for you but like all sports there are downsides that may be affecting you in everday life or you may have had a fall and just not the same since. Come and see me - often it is muscle work and rehabilitation that sorts it out.